A wonderful evening with CLARET

folk-trio-claret (2016_05_11 09_50_29 UTC)

We could not have had a better evening’s entertainment than the one provided by Tim, Sandra and Bryan [CLARET] on Saturday 16th. I know we hosted them last year and they were great then but on Saturday, we handed the stage over to them and they were incredible. Their musical pedigree is flawless with each member’s own personal musical influences blending into one amazing cocktail. We want more of this at Beverley Folk & Roots! Where else will you hear a reggae version of the traditional folk ballad, Raggle Taggle Gypsies or Woody Guthrie’s “Pastures of Plenty ” given a Pentangle / Tull styled make-over? Claret offer great musicianship and are not afraid to mix it up. Sandra, your Carole King tributes were brilliant, Tim, the audience loved your solo guitar spot and I loved your accordian work too – really nice, kind of Parisian and Bryan, you are simply the ultimate in bassists and you can sing too!  Book them now. Tel: 0121 354 4234


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