A Magical Transformation

When a long established and well loved business changes hands, there is a sense of loss in the air especially when it concerns a favourite independent retailer. When you find the shop doors locked for a few weeks to allow the builders in, you fear the worst. Is it going to be business as usual when it re-opens, will the new owner still stock those bits and bobs you usually buy and so on. This was the case recently when Beverley Music and Dance on Norwood changed hands but I am pleased to say, the transformation has been magical and not a coffee cup in sight! Beverley Music and Dance sells Musical instruments, Sheet music, Dance-wear, Ballroom Shoes and Beverley High School uniforms and has served the town well for years. It will undoubtedly become even more popular under the management of new owner, Sue Harker, who has completely transformed the shop making it much brighter than before, put even more stock on display and somehow, just like Doctor Who’s Tardis has made it appear much bigger inside than outside. Once over the door’s threshold you step into what I can only describe as a panoply of guitars and other stringed instruments to your left and a stack of music books to your right. The service counter is also to the left and there are two areas at the back of the shop which Sue plans to develop over the next few months. In the meantime, there is plenty on offer in the revamped shop and Sue is happy to supply customers with non-stock items if she can.

Contact details: Beverley Music and Dance, 14 Norwood, Beverley HU17 9EZ

Tel: 01482 881584 Facebook page: Beverley Music & Dance







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